Being a collaborative community, the top-priority of mypredictionhub will always be the relationship with its community. Mypredictionhub is therefore firmly committed to the security and protection of the personal integrity of our Users of the Services (as defined in the Terms of use above) and their contacts. This Privacy Policy describes what personal information You may share with mypredictionhub, as data controller, and other Users when activating and using the mypredictionhub Services, how mypredictionhub receives, collects and uses this data and how You may opt-out at any time, altogether preventing use of the data shared via the Services.

Information Collected and Received Installation and Use When you use the mypredictionhub Website, mypredictionhub will collect, process and retain personal information from You and any devices You may use in Your interaction with our Services. This information may include the following: geo-location, Your IP address, device ID or unique identifier, device type, ID for advertising, ad data, unique device token, operating system, operator, connection information, screen resolution, usage statistics.

User Profile Where the User uses the mypredictionhub website, your information is up-loaded to mypredictionhub servers and stored by mypredictionhub until the User changes or deletes such data or terminates the Services. Compulsory information when creating a profile page is the User’s email and phone number, password, username and additional information that may be provided at the User’s option include, but is not limited to, photo, gender, street address and zip code, country of residence, email address, professional website, Facebook page, Twitter address and a short status message. Mypredictionhub may supplement the information provided or collected with information from third parties and add it to information provided by You. For example, collection and use of demographic information that is publicly available and additional contact information as allowed by applicable national laws. Please note that any content uploaded to and displayed in the user profile by the User is not moderated by mypredictionhub and is not protected under the Federal republic of Nigeria Law. The User is solely liable for the publication of such content.

Identifiers In addition, You may provide us with Your user identifier information regarding certain third party services, i.e. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, necessary for the application to interoperate with such third party services. In that case mypredictionhub will store and process also that information (and also a mapped photo where applicable), for as long as You use the Services and will not use this information for any other purpose than required in order to obtain interoperability and functionality in relation to such third party services. Please note that we never store any passwords to the mentioned third party services.

Contact information In addition to Contact Information, if You choose to activate use of a third party social network service, such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter, mypredictionhub may up-load, store and use the list of identifiers associated with said services linked to the Contact Information in order to enhance usage with other Users.

Information related to the User or Contact Information will be used to: (a) determine the number of potential Boos a Phone number is associated with.
(b) provide selected mypredictionhub partners with limited information in order to enhance user experience, service functionality and data accuracy, provided that these partners adhere to strict confidentiality provisions no less protective of your rights than the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy,
(c) contact you about new boos updates and other relevant mypredictionhub updates 
(d) Your information may sometimes be required by trusted third-party, we may be required to share your information from time to time to enable mypredictionhub serve you better
(e) customize, measure and improve our Services, and
(f) personalize, measure and improve our advertising and use geo-location information to provide You with location based information and services (such as advertising, search results and other personalized content).