Luis Suarez and the players he has biting

Luis Suarez and the players he has biting 1

Luis Suarez will be remembered by many, for his biting habits.

At some point, spectators began to doubt if actually Suarez is normal, due to the level at which he always bit his fellow professional’s footballers.

The first player to receive a bit from Suarez was PSV Otman Bakkal in 2011, and he served a seven (7)-match ban for biting him. His successful career at Ajax saw him score a whopping 81 goals in 110 games, which made him fan’s favourite before Liverpool came calling with £22.8m, same day they bought Andy Carroll for £35m, after selling Fernando Torres to Chelsea for £50m.

Luis Suarez and the players he has biting 2

In his first full season in England, he was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrick Evra. The player admitted to using offensive word, and the incident landed him an eight(8)-match ban. This was just the start of the drama in England, as Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand next time the two clubs met.

Second player to witness the sharpness of his teeth was Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. Maybe he was frustrated for given a penalty away in the premier league clash against Chelsea that allowed the London club to go 2-1 in front. Soon after, Suarez was seen grappling with Ivanovic in the eighteenth (18) yard box, when he suddenly sunk his teeth into Ivanovic shoulder, which saw the player went down in pain. Because there was nothing like VAR then to call on, and was missed by all the match officials, it made the player stayed on the pitch and later scored an equaliser deep into injury time. But lucky enough, the television cameras did catch it. The case was sent to an independent panel who later imposed a 10-match ban on him, which eventually end his season. This very incident, received a widespread condemnation from all angles, including from then England prime minister David Cameron.

Luis Suarez and the players he has biting 3

He later tendard an apology on his Twitter handle. “I’m sad for what happened this afternoon, I apologize Ivanovic all football world for my inexcusable behaviour. I’m so sorry about it”.

He returned the next season scoring a total of 31 goals in 33 appearances for Liverpool in EPL, as Liverpool went so close in the challenge for the title. If not of captain Steven Gerrard who made a big mistake against Jose Mourinho side (Chelsea) that saw Demba ba score from the mistake of Gerrard, that eventually dashed their chance of clinching the trohpy.

That form earned him a big-money move to Barcelona. But before the big move to Spain, Luis Suarez brought a disgrace and another widespread condemnation at the 2014 world cup, in the match against Italy and Uruguay, the striker clashed with Giorgio Chiellini and again, it resulted to the Italian player receiving a bit from Suarez, which automatically proved to be the end of his tournament, and was handed a heavy ban this time around, which lasted for four months.

Luis Suarez and the players he has biting 4

Barcelona went ahead and sign him, but included in their Clause not to bit, or his contract with the club will be terminated. A measure taken to solve his biting habits. Till date no other case of a bit has been recorded.

Luis Suarez toddler Lautaro, bit him in the shoulder during Barcelona’s La-liga title celebration in 2019. Funny enough what goes around, comes around. The picture of course, didn’t took long to circulate on social media.

Luis Suarez and the players he has biting 5

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