Corona virus(Covid-19) pandemic and it’s effect on sport sector

The corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic has brought the world economy to a certain point, there by bringing in a significant disruption to the cancellation and postponement of various sporting events.

Corona virus(Covid-19) pandemic and it's effect on sport sector 2

No games to play and no games to watch by spectators, as this pandemic is not really for point, but all measures are to save lives.

Only a few countries, have continued professional sporting matches as planned. Such as, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Nicaragua, and Tajikistan.

This pandemic has seen French Ligue 1, being cancelled and Paris Saint Germain being crowned champions and Eredivisie being cancelled and declared void.

The 2020 Artic Winter games were cancelled, while the 2020 ASEAN para Games were postponed

African Nations Championship had been postponed to a later date due to the pandemic.

Some sports associations are already affected by this pandemic: Collegiate Men’s basketball teams have announced a more than 50% drop in income, and premier league clubs are bracing themselves for $60-150m in lost revenues.

On the spike in Media consumption by finding new ways to engage consumers. Since there are no more live games, this means deepening the pool of content available to fans. For example, Sports broadcasters such as ESPN and FOX Sports are showing classic games, lived content, Documentaries, eSports and nich competitions on a bid to keep consumers watching. Individual leagues are going with the Same moves as well. The NFL is making every game since 2009 available for streaming on its direct-to-consumer channel Game pass, a strategy which has resulted to a 500-fold increase in daily sign-ups for the service.

Mark Tatum, Deputy commissioner and chief operating officer of the NBA described the league’s strategy to the world economic forum: “We’ve launched an NBA 2k competition (an eSports form of the game) with players streaming from Thier homes. We’ve expected production to bring forward the release of a Micheal Jordan documentary. We’re hosting live quarantine parties on social media with current and former players. And we’re showing classic games every night-all things to continue to engage our fans during this time”

Some league’s has announce the commencement of their league, such as Germany Bundesliga, Spain La-Liga, and England Premier league, are set to be back before the end of May.

In these difficult and challenging times the world is facing, the world powers are really doing all they could, to make sure things get back to normal. The sport sector itself are not reluctant as their collective efforts to bring people together to watch and do what they love is tremendous, we have missed more than ever in these challenging times.

As things are going right now, the industry may be in New territory, but with the right strategies, can emerge from the crisis stronger and more popular than ever.

Stay safe, is already over.

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