Best soccer prediction whatsapp group in Nigeria 2019

If you are still searching for the best soccer prediction whatsapp group in Nigeria 2019 that will give you a well and thoroughly analyzed daily free tips and 100% sure fixed games and make your adventure to football betting a success. if your answer is yes,Then search no more.

Best soccer prediction site am sure, should not been strange to any punter in Africa and Nigeria at large. We have been operating for many years now, making sure our aim is being achieved on a daily basis by giving out daily free tips and 100% sure fixed games.

Which in return,make them smile and come back for more. Because we are the best soccer prediction site you can rely on and get 100% satisfaction with our predictions . you can also join our telegram channel HERE

You can visit our 👉 prediction page and make a pick from our well analyze free daily tips

Why we created a whatsapp group?

  • We created this whatsapp group to help send games to our premium subscribers.
  • For you to interact and share your thoughts directly to the Admin.
  • Thirdly to get first hand information on available fixed games.

Who can join the group (how to join the group)

If you are asking yourself either of the question, who can join, or how to join the group then here is the answer.

Who can join The only set of people that can join this great group,are only our premium subscribers .

For now we have only (2) two premium offer (2) two weeks and (1) one month offer .we will still add more features with time.

How to join to join this group, you either subscribe for the (2) two weeks plan for #5,000.five thousand naira only or go for the (1) one month plan for #10,000.ten thousand naira only.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be added immediately to the group.

You can join our telegram channel for free click HERE

How many odd am i guaranteed daily

If you must have ask yourself,how many odd do i stand to get daily? Then you are on the right track.

We give out 10-20 odds. Which are 100% sure fixed games, and 0-1% chances of losing which don’t normally occur. Because we work with more than 300 agents around the world. So our games are always 100% sure.

Some may promise to give out 500-700 odds daily which are all lies. They will still go to an extent of uploading an edited fake bet slips to convince there prey towards falling for there tricks.

That’s why has been up and trending for many years as one of the best soccer prediction site. Courtesy of our high level of transparency .we always keep it real because your satisfaction is our major priority.

About us is one of the best soccer prediction site out there you can rely on.

We have been running for many years now and our major aim is to help eradicate poverty through football betting from thousands and millions of people out there, who chooses our platform as there source when it comes to soccer prediction raging from daily free tips to 100% sure fixed games.

You can visit the website About us page to know more about us.


You can join our telegram channel for free 👉HERE

For more enquiry on how to make your payment on any of our premium plans

Email us at

Call/whatsapp +2348132052220

Don’t just be a dreamer, live in the reality of your dreams .join the winning team as our slogan says, ‘win always‘ and leave the live you have wished for all your life.

Winning proof

Some of our recent winning proofs.


Now you have seen the best soccer prediction whatsapp group in Nigeria 2019, why search again? Contact the admin.make your payment,and liberate yourself from poverty with our games.

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